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Bumper Damage

Your car's scuffed bumper does not only effect the look of your car but will significantly affect the resale value of your car. A car that looks in good condition will be much easier to sell.

Scuffed, scratched and cracked bumpers can happen from a number of different sources. The most common cause comes from people rubbing their car bumper against yours getting in and out of a tight parking space, however time to time we do have owners say that they mis-judged a post or high kerb.

Many people avoid having their small bumper scuffs repaired as they think that a full respray or a new bumper will be needed which can cost a lot of money, and if you visit a main dealer or large bodyshop company this is what they will probably recommend - but not at ChipsAway.

Rather than wasting money on an expensive complete bumper replacement, you can now restore your bumper to its original showroom quality with our ChipsAway bumper repair service.

Damage to bumpers can usually be repaired in a matter of hours and we offer our usual guarantee of the finish quality and durability of the repair. Colour matching is undertaken to the manufacturer's original code specification.



Bumper Scuff Before Bumper Scuff After
Bumper Damage Before Bumper Damage After
Bumper scrape before bumper scrape after

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Once again thank you so much, yet again another excellent repair job. I will always recommend the 'spraying-dutchman'.
Once again thank you for a great job.
Dan, March 2013